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Lesedi Cultural Village Tour


We invite you to experience the spirit of Ubuntu “human kindness.“ at this Unique Cultural Venue where the people of Lesedi welcome you with music, song and the warmth of Africa.
Let the sound of the Marimbas take you into Musi’s Ndebele Theatre to be transported through South Africa’s history from the Cradle of Humankind to the Cultures of Lesedi.

Lesedi and its cultural experience of old and new Africa was co-founded by renowned African explorer, Kingsley Holgate, who remains heavily involved in the day to day operations and ensures that every attraction is not only fascinating, but enriching. One of Lesedi’s many differentiating factors is the village’s natural and tasteful incorporation into the surrounding bush, river and forests, with five traditional homesteads including Zulu, Xhosa, Pedi, Basotho and Ndebele.

Local families live permanently in each of these five homesteads and visitors are invited to observe the African way of life by either enjoying a short tour of the villages or actually living among these families in guest accommodation, offering all the necessary modern day amenities and comforts discerning visitors are accustomed to.
Whether one enjoys the Lesedi cultural experience through a short tour or by staying overnight, for the culturally inquisitive, this is a destination not to be missed.

Monati (11:30) or Boma (16:30) – Cultural Experience

– Arrive in our car park to a vibrant traditional African welcome and a refreshing welcome drink;
– Browse in our Ndebele village and craft market where Ndebele murals decorate the walls & courtyard;
– Attend a multi-visual theatre presentation on the history and origin of our people;

– Guests are divided into smaller groups and taken on a guided tour of our five homesteads:     Zulu, Xhosa, Basotho, Ndebele and Pedi.
– After a few drinks in the bar, guests and the families meet back in the Traditional Dance Boma for The     Giant Ingoma – song and dance of all five villages. The dance culminates in communal dancing with      the guests around the fire.

In the Giant Ingoma Dance Boma, a drum beats rhythmically. The dance floor erupts as Zulus in cultural dress leap and stamp. Pedi women execute a cheeky, hip-swaying rain dance. South Africa has its own Rain Queen – Majoji – who reigns in Limpopo Province. “Now, help us summons our ancestors!” Herbs are scattered over an open fire, releasing a sweet scent. Dancing becomes increasingly frenzied, culminating in men wearing zebra masks leaping across the floor. This is just one of the highlights of Lesedi African Lodge and its Cultural Experience.

– A Pan African Feast is served in the Nyama Choma restaurant with delicacies from North, East and      South Africa.
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