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Pretoria and Lion Park Tour

Pretoria City Tour – The Voortrekker Monument Stop 1

The Afrikaner (boer) nation were (and still are) freedom loving Europeans (mainly dutch, french and germans), who fled the aristocratic liege lords, as well as the catholic oppressive systems reigning in Europe from ~1650-1800, preferring to take the risk of famine, disease and violence in the wild Cape (where ironically they kept slaves themselves, until it was banned in 1830).

Pretoria City Tour -Fort Klapperkop Stop 2

Within one generation after conquering the lands and creating republics (boer suffrage only), diamonds and gold were discovered in these free republics. The British Empire wanted to build a railway from Cape to Cairo (through british colonies)…

Pretoria City Tour – Melrose House Stop 3

Today this elegant house is a museum that stands as a superb example of the transition of Victorian to Edwardian architectural styles and interiors. The interior is characterised by colourful stained glass windows, paintings by English artists, carpets in rich colours, ornate ceilings and fireplaces, as well as valuable porcelain ornaments. The majority of these items belonged to the Heys family itself, we spend 25 Minutes here before heading of to Pretoria Church Square.

Pretoria City Tour – Pretoria Church Square Stop 4

Church Square is the historic centre of the city of Pretoria, South Africa. Its most prominent feature is the statue of the Boer leader and president of the South African Republic, Paul Kruger at its centre. Statues of four anonymous Boer citizen-soldiers surround that of Kruger’s on a tower level of the ninth. Several historic and architecturally significant buildings surround the square: the Palace of Justice the Old Capital

Pretoria City Tour – The Union Buildings Stop 5

The Union Buildings are situated on Meintjies Kop, Pretoria, and form the official seat of the South African government-They contain the offices of the President of South Africa. They are probably best remembered as the place where South Africa’s first democratically-elected president, Nelson Mandela, was inaugurated in May 1994. We spend 20 Minutes in the famous gardens in front of the Union Buildings. They are identical to the Indian Parliament in Delhi!


Lion Park

Touch lion cubs! Walk with Cheetahs! Feed a Giraffe!